Badminton 16% Calf Rearer Mix

Badminton 16% Calf Rearer Mix

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Product Information

16% Calf Rearer

An excellent growing or follow-on ration for weaned calves, from six weeks of age to six months, to give increased conversion rates and high speed development.

Contains similar ingredients to 18% Calf Starter, making the transition from one to the other less likely to cause upset.
Provides a balance of digestible energy and quality protein for even growth and enhanced performance.
Contains elevated levels of vitamins and minerals for health and well-being.

Feeding Recommendations

16% Calf Rearer Coarse Mix can be introduced from six weeks of age and increased to around 2.5kg per day over the next six weeks.
From six months of age, growing cattle can be moved on to Badminton Country Mix until maturity.