CJ Wildbird Challenger Seed Feeder

CJ Wildbird Challenger Seed Feeder

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Product Information

Seeds and Seed mixes will appeal to a wide variety of garden bird species. The wider variety of seeds on offer, the greater number of species you will attract.

Each component has been ergonomically designed, providing excellent performance benefits and ease of use including the easy flow base, tough hanger and cap.

Perching rings - CJ Wildlife were the first company to create the perching ring for seed feeders as we recognised that enabling birds to feed in their natural feeding position - facing forward - means that they are able to look out for predators which increases their confidence, so they will remain at the feeder for longer.

The feeder has a screw thread in the base making it compatible with many of our feeder accessories including feeder trays, which are great for collecting any waste material from the feeder as well as acting as an additional feeding and perching area for your garden birds.

Please note: Feeder heights shown include fully extended handle.