CJ Wildbird Peanut Cake Tube Original

CJ Wildbird Peanut Cake Tube Original

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Product Information

These Peanut Cake Tubes are made to our own unique recipe, making them a great source of essential fats and calories for your garden birds and the best quality energy-rich fat cakes you can buy!

Our Peanut Cakes are one of the highest calorie foods that we produce and are a phenomenal success with garden birds. Formulated from animal and vegetable fats and bound with peanut flour they have proved irresistible to a wide range of species.

These cakes can be fed either from a hanging or pole-mounted feeder, or chopped up on a table. They can also be chopped into small pieces (1cm cubes) and scattered around the edge of your feeding area to give smaller and more timid species (such as Dunnocks, Wrens and Blackbirds) a chance to enjoy them.

Our Original Peanut Cakes with nothing added are a firm favourite with many of your garden birds.