At Charity Farm Countrystore we have a range of feeds and treats for your local wildlife. Mixed and individual seeds and peanuts, suet and peanut treats.
 From CJ Wildlife and Chapelwood, seed and peanut feeders and special feeding stations for the birds, plus housing for bees and other flying critters.
Encouraging the wildlife local to you can
enhance your garden: if you make your garden an insect haven it will attract birds, mammals, amphibians and even reptiles. Insects can also be the gardeners
best friend, their normal activity will help pollinate
 your plants. Establishing an insect friendly enviroment in your gardens can also set the scene for many more
wildlife visitors.
Hoverflies are excellent pollinators and
 especially love single bloom flowers
 such as marigolds and daisies (tip:set
 your lawn mower one notch up, leaving
 the daisy heads and creating a paradise
for our friendly pollinators)
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