/Covid-19 Precautions

We are remaining open because we are on the list of essential retailers. However, we do need to be responsible about how we continue to serve customers so we will not be open for browsing from Wednesday 24/3/20. We are doing this to protect our staff and customers.

Please email your requests to us with your phone number, we will then put your order together and let you know when it is ready, if you would like to pay over the phone we can take your details when we call you, or you can pay when you collect your order. We would prefer this is done by card, we understand that some people need to pay with cash but we are trying to limit our contact with cash.

Please email your orders to admin@charityfarmcountrystore.co.uk (this is different to the one put on Facebook previously and is dedicated just for orders) Please be as specific as possible with your requests, but also let us know if you don’t mind replacements if we are out of stock of the particular brand or flavour, etc.
If you are unable to do this you can phone us but we are operating with a skeleton staff so we may not be able to answer your call immediately.

We will be putting our gifts and clothing on our eBay shop once we have the chance, if you would like to buy anything from there the postage is free, our shop name is Charityfarm24/7.

Many thanks for your continued support, keep safe.

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