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Spring Blooms That Last

We’re getting into Spring now and what does that mean? Flowers! There is no one who loves a flower wall more than I do, all I needed was an excuse to do it and here we are!

Tissue paper flowers are a really simple and easy way to bring some colour into a space. All you need is tissue paper, a stapler and something to hang it with. It is a little time consuming if you want a lot but if you’re just hanging them in the corner of a room, or using as a more sustainable version of party balloons it is well worth the effort.

These blooms look striking inside a marque, tie a party colour scheme together perfectly in your house and can add even more flowers to your garden party.

This seems to be the only way we decorate for parties now and I really like the effect.

Scroll down to the bottom to see how I’ve used this simple technique to update our clothing department.


Step 1

Lay out 4-6 sheets of tissue paper (depending on how bushy you want your flower). It doesn’t matter exactly how big the tissue paper is but the width should be the width of the flower you want to end up with and the length should be longer, you need a rectangle.

Step 3

This is what it should look like when you’re finished folding. If you’re doing a lot I would recommend mixing up the size of your folds to create a bit more texture.

Step 5

Trim the ends. You can trim it to any shape you like, I find a curve to be the easiest but every shape will create a different texture, again this is a great way to mix up a large amount so it looks a bit more interesting.

Step 7

Because I’m mounting my flowers I have pulled out each layer in the same direction. If you want more of a ball effect pull half one way and half the other way. Finally fluff up the layers for a more natural look and you’re done!

Step 2

Fold the tissue paper from the bottom like a fan. It doesn’t matter how thick your sections are but it will create a slightly different effect.

Step 4

Staple the tissue at the half way point. Your staple doesn’t have to be dead straight if you only have a little stapler.

Step 6

Pull out each layer carefully, it’s really easy to rip! Separate them one at a time, alternating the sides you pull out.

As you can see, these blooms really help to liven up an otherwise dull area. I mounted my flowers on boards to make it easier to put them up (they’re quite high up) and take them down when I want to change them.

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Holly P

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