The Kindling Cracker

We have welcomed a new supplier to our books and with them, The Kindling Cracker. This patented firewood splitter, which has been very popular across Europe, has finally made its way to the UK and we are very excited to be stocking them.

Young Inventor

The Kindling Cracker was invented by Ayla Hutchinson in New Zealand.

The young inventor was just 13 years old when her mother cut her finger badly while she split firewood with an axe. Determined to find a safer alternative, she invented this firewood splitter.

By turning the axe upside-down inside a simple, neat framework, Ayla created a safe way to split wood which is super easy for anyone to use; no matter their age.

Ayla Hutchinson using her invention, the kindling cracker to split firewood on a chopping block

The Kindling Cracker Original


The Kindling Cracker King



Keep your cracker protected with a cover, which handily doubles as a bag for the kindling you have cracked to take into the house.

We are also stocking the heavy-duty hammers, so you’ll be ready to ‘get cracking’ as soon as you get home!

These accessories are also great for gifting alongside the Kindling Cracker, or to someone who already has one.